Education is one of USEMS’ premier missions. We are proud to announce that we are now producing a free quarterly e-magazine(each focused on a specific topic), with input from some of the world’s most influential sport & exercise medicine clinicians and researchers. Head over to our issuu site for free access!

As we all have different styles of learning, we have made a list of some of the best conferences, websites, books and podcasts we have come across. Enjoy!


1.   Practical Taping for Sport Injuries (  This event is organised by Birmingham SEMsoc together with USEMS to provide students taping experience. Participants will elarn the principles and applications  of sports taping, gaining understanding of taping products and techniques currently used in the management of sports injuries.

2. Kings SEMsoc conference 2018–(  

King’s SEMsoc annual conference is here.  Speakers will explore sport injuries, psychology and the use of data within sport and exercise  medicine.

3.  Dentistry and MaxFax surgery in Sport ( - This event is held in Cardiff by CSEMS, in conjunction with Cardiff Dentistry Society. It will explore the role of dentistry and maxillofacial surgery in Sport and Exercise.

4. Liverpool SEMSoc Conference- ( )

The inaugural LivSemSoc conference is approaching. Speakers will talk about developing a career in SEM, and explore the presentations and management of common sporting injuries.

5. BASEM 2018 Spring Conference: Hormones, Health and Human Performance – ( )

The balance and timing of exercise, nutrition and recovery is key to optimising health and all aspects of human performance. Intricate network interactions between the Endocrine system and metabolic signalling pathways drive these positive adaptations. However, non-integration of these lifestyle factors can disrupt signalling feedback pathways and predispose to maladaptation and potentially disease states