BASEM Undergraduate SEM Elective Award

****Thank you for your interest, the closing date has now passed****

No further applications will be considered

The medical elective is a unique opportunity for many undergraduate students to pursue a specific interest not otherwise covered during university teaching. It is generally appreciated that Sport and Exercise medicine (SEM) has a lack of teaching in medical school curricula, as touched on by Dr David Humphries during his talk at the BASEM conference in October 2017, so for many students this may be their first extended exposure to SEM. Additionally, as highlighted by the recent undergraduate BJSM October blog post, many students also use their elective as an opportunity to experience healthcare outside of the NHS by undertaking medical placements abroad [1].

Taking the above into account and the financial complexities of undertaking a SEM medical elective abroad or at home, BASEM, in association with USEMS is pleased to offer 3 annual awards of £500 to enable undergraduate students to undertake an elective related to sport or exercise medicine, independently organized by the student.

Invitation for Applications

BASEM and USEMS are pleased to invite applications for the 2018/2019 Undergraduate SEM Elective Award.

Application Criteria

  1.  The applicant should be an undergraduate medical student studying at a UK university in good standing
  2.  The applicant must have been an undergraduate student member of BASEM for at least  2 months prior to the application closing date.
  3.  The applicant must not miss any mandatory university teaching to undertake their elective without prior authorization.
  4.  The applicant must plan to undertake a minimum of four weeks (preferably longer) in an elective related to SEM.
  5.  The application should include:
  • An introductory letter explaining the subject to be studied and reasons for study, the Centre(s) to be visited and the proposed itinerary.  This should also include an explanation of how a SEM elective would contribute to their plans and an estimation of the costs involved.
  • A letter from the applicant’s medical school confirming the dates of the elective period.
  • A letter from the elective hosts confirming the placement.
  • A brief up-to-date curriculum vitae, including all necessary contact details (postal address, telephone number and email address).
  • The student must submit an article at the end of the project reflecting their experience for publication in BASEM Today/BASEM and BJSM blogs.

Closing Date and Mode of Application

The closing date for applications is 5.00 pm on Friday 29th June 2018.

Applications should be emailed to

Applications submitted after 5.00 pm on 29th June will not be considered.  No extensions will be granted.

Judging of Applications

The current BASEM Awards Committee will judge all applications with input from the USEMS Advisory Board.

Results Notification

The applicants will receive notice of their success or otherwise 4 to 6 weeks after the closing date.

Conditions of Award

  1. By applying for the award the recipient agrees to maintain membership of BASEM for at least 2 years post award.
  2. The recipient of the award must complete their travel before 1st September 2019.  Should this not happen, BASEM reserves the right to rescind the award.
  3. On notification of success, the winner must finalise their itinerary and provide and on production of receipts BASEM will provide the award money.  Please note the award money may not be used for any other purpose than that submitted in the application.
  4. The recipient of the award agrees to their success being announced in the BASEM Today and via the BASEM website.
  5. The recipient of the award will be expected to write a report on their elective for publication in BASEM Today and/or the BASEM website.
  6. BASEM requests that the Association be credited in regard to the completed research and for any future research/articles written as a result of receiving this monetary award.



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