Remuneration for all Medical and Allied Professionals at Sporting Events

Remuneration for all Medical and Allied Professionals at Sporting Events:

The organisers of both professional and amateur sporting events must now fulfil a whole variety of legally binding Health and Safety requirements. Many of these relate to their duty of care to the participating athletes.

Following careful consideration, it is the opinion of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine (BASEM) Executive that all of the roles for medical professionals at these events that require specific qualifications and designated levels of experience, should be appropriately remunerated. It may well be the case that more junior roles are filled by less experienced staff requiring experience and training and that for these practitioners only travel and accommodation expenses should be considered. There must, however,  be senior practitioners, who are being appropriately remunerated to oversee these experience / training posts.  It is also recommended that all medical and allied professionals should have their roles agreed in writing with the organisers prior to acceptance.

The BASEM Executive recommends that all practitioners working at such events discuss their potential responsibilities with the appropriate professional/defence organisation before accepting the post.

The level of remuneration and expenses is up to the individual to decide with the organisers and is not a BASEM responsibility.

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