Partnership between BASEM and UK Anti-Doping (UKAD)

BASEM is pleased to inform members that a Strategic Partnership has now been agreed between BASEM and UK Anti-Doping (UKAD).

UKAD has a clear objective to prevent doping in sport in the UK. As the National Anti-Doping Agency, UKAD aims to prevent, deter, detect and prosecute doping to support its mission of Clean Sport.

Research indicates that athletes are heavily influenced by the athlete support personnel around them – this influence also applies to an athlete’s decision to dope or not. With recent international events highlighting the role of athlete support personnel in the treatment of athletes through the use of doping substances and methods, both UKAD and BASEM are keen to establish a programme of education and awareness to ensure that in the UK our athlete support personnel are operating in line with the ethics of clean sport, by having the relevant information available to them.

UKAD are holding a Forum in January – Clean Sport at the Front Line – and invite BASEM members to participate. The Forum will focus on evidence- based practice and how best to support and protect practitioners, with emphasis on those athletes that are most vulnerable and at risk of making a doping decision, as well as the role of the athlete support personnel in protecting athletes. Full details available here.

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