Key Educational Tools for Physiotherapists by Motivate 2 Move

Key Educational Tools for Physiotherapists by Motivate 2 Move

Condition Specific Physical Activity Resource for Physiotherapists and Health Professionals

Motivate2move has added key educational tools for physiotherapists, written by physiotherapists


·         Educational healthcare tool outlines the benefits to patients of condition specific exercise

·         Tips for promoting physical activity guidelines and the dangers of too much sitting

·         Guidelines to help patients improve their quality of life through physical activity

Motivate2Move (M2M) has launched a new section on sedentary behaviour and musculoskeletal conditions, highlighting the dangers of too much sitting.  Written by two physiotherapists, this key resource is designed for the health professional workforce to give them the knowledge and evidence to promote physical activity for health. 

Physiotherapists are being increasing utilised within the general practice setting in Wales and M2M connects both GPs and physiotherapists with one aim, to increase physical activity levels and improve quality of life.

Dr Brian Johnson, GP in Wales with a special interest in Sport and Exercise Medicine, comments:

“Motivate2Move has been developed as a free resource for health professionals to help promote the benefits of regular physical activity in the prevention and management of many common health conditions. Within the resource, you can find research, evidence and practical tools needed to support physical activity and exercise advice, with condition specific information.

“We have added a new section on musculoskeletal conditions to provide health professionals with knowledge and practical tools to help their patients manage and improve conditions such as fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.”

Anna Lowe, Chartered Physiotherapist, comments:

“Physical inactivity is a major public health priority.  Improving physical activity levels has the potential to improve health and wellbeing and reduce the burden on healthcare.  Physiotherapists and other allied health professionals have the opportunity to promote active living through their many routine patient contacts; this could help to improve clinical outcomes and also the overall health of patients.In order to do this, healthcare professionals need to be equipped with knowledge about physical activity and skills in promoting it effectively

“M2M is a fantastic resource for physiotherapists and other allied health professionals.  It synthesises the evidence related to physical activity into an easy-to-read format which is perfect for busy clinicians, there are a number of different chapters that relate to specific conditions and also information about the current physical activity guidelines.”

M2M has been updated with the latest research findings and other new features, including practical advice for activity in type 1 diabetes , Read codes for computers, the Scots PASQ screening tool, the CMO Infographics and suggested audits for practitioners and benefits for patients. Motivate2Move continues to be used across the UK by an increasing number of allied health professions providing easy access to information with physical activity promotion advice only a couple of clicks away.

GPs, Physiotherapists and Health Professionals can access Motivate2Move via the Wales Deanery website here: