Dr Catherine Lester - Winner of the 2017 UKADIS Malcolm Read Scholarship in Sport and Exercise Medicine

Dr Catherine Lester - Winner of the 2017 UKADIS Malcolm Read Scholarship in Sport and Exercise Medicine

The BASEM Executive Board is pleased to announce the winner of this year's UKADIS Malcolm Read Scholarship in SEM Award as Dr Catherine Lester.  Congratulations Catherine!


Dr Catherine Lester completed her medical degree and a postgraduate Diploma in Mental Health in Johannesburg, South Africa. In 2008, she was appointed as a clinical fellow in the emergency department at UCLH NHS trust. She completed a Master’s in Sports and Exercise Medicine (SEM) in 2011 and worked as a volunteer Doctor during London 2012. She joined the SEM training scheme in 2014. She has worked across several sports including multi-sports, hockey and rugby. She is developing an interest in the benefits of physical activity on mental health and the mental health of athletes.


Mental health problems in athletes can be as prevalent(1, 2)as in the general population. Some conditions such as eating disorders or substance abuse problems are reportedly more common in an athletic population(3). There are certainly unique considerations when dealing with mental health problems of athletes(4, 5)and potentially a lack of knowledge and awareness of clinical staff to these problems. The aim of this survey is to assess the experiences of clinicians working in sport to mental health problems, and establish their relevant knowledge and skill level. This will enable further education and resource development in this field.


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9 applications were received in total and the Executive Board wishes to thank all those applicants that applied.

Thanks also to Dr Charlotte Cowie, Dr Eleanor Tillett and Dr Malcolm Read for their time and expertise in juding the applications.