Musculoskeletal MRI Fellowship

23 - 27 April 2018

Event Title : Musculoskeletal MRI Fellowship

Start Date : 23 April 2018

End date : 27 April 2018


Venue: Barcelona, Spain

Summary : The purpose of the fellowship is to learn about MSK different topics through a daily structure based on multiple lectures, followed by reporting from individual work stations on selected cases with subsequent group discussion. The program is based on covering all large joints and provides basic and some advanced MSK pathology knowledge.

Description : A successful fellowship has provided you with knowledge that can help you address your ongoing clinical challenges, as well as future pursuits.

The MSK fellowship that TMC academy offers includes an overview of the most common joints in practice with a daily exam, presentation, individual case readings from the TMC academy teaching file with quiz and reading together. Stand ard templates of the reports are used to help you navigate and write adequate reports.

Participation in this fellowship will enhance and strengthen your knowledge in musculoskeletal MRI reading.
At the end of the program you will be able to identify and report on common pathology in sport injuries and daily practice.

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Organised by : TMC Academy