International Sports Science and Sports Medicine Conference 2018

4 - 6 September 2018 , North East

Event Title: International Sports Science and Sports Medicine Conference 2018
incorporating Sports Physiotherapy and Strength and Conditioning 
Date: 4th-6th September 2018
Location: Business School, Newcastle University, 5 Barrack Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4SE
Summary: Europe’s Premier Sports Science & Sports Medicine Conference now includes Sports physiotherapy + Strength & Conditioning. Leading international speakers will present the latest evidence and encourage discussion and interaction.
Who should attend: Professionals interested in sports science, medicine, physiotherapy, strength & conditioning. Delegates will gain a deeper understanding of the subject and receive expert advice and information.
CPD certificates will be issued for attendance
When can an athlete safely return to play?
                                Medical issues                                    Paul Catterson (UK)
                                Musculoskeletal issues                     Havard Moksnes (Norway)
                                Psychological readiness      
The role of healthcare providers in supplement and drug use
                                David Mottram (UK) 
The 2017 IOC Consensus on dietary supplements
                                Ron Maughan (UK) 
Conservative and operative management of shoulder and elbow injuries
                                Roger Hackney (UK) 
Scanning the Horizon: new drug developments and implications for sport
                            Mike Spedding (France)    
Controversies in sports medicine: MRI and return to play 
                                For (it’s essential)                                                                
                                Against (it’s a waste of time)   
Knee injuries in children: prognosis and rehabilitation
                                Havard Moksnes (Norway) 
Injury patterns in elite sport – an update
                                Debbie Palmer  (UK)   
Pain medication for the elite athlete: Ethics and practicalities
Gastrointestinal problems in athletes
                                Functional gastrointestinal disorders              Gethin Evans (UK)
                                Management of GI problems in athletes        John McLaughlin (UK)
 Lower Back Pain – The Sporting Back
                                Lower Back Pain                                                 
                                Physiotherapy                                                       Fiona Wilson, Trinity College Dublin
Optimising Performance in Football
                                The Scientist’s view                                            Alan McCall (UK)                 
                                The Doctor’s view                                                
                                The Coach’s view                                                                                
                                The Player’s view                                                                
Athlete-centred performance planning
                                Talent ID and development                                                               
                                Optimising training to maximise strength gains            Dave Clark (UK)
Keeping the athlete fit and healthy: towards an evidence-based approach
                                Injury prevention: what works?                         Debbie Palmer (UK)
                                Immune function in the elite athlete                Neil Walsh (UK)
                                The “fragile” athlete: a psychological perspective                         
Muscle cramps: causes and remedies