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The terms and conditions of membership of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine (BASEM) should be read in conjunction with BASEM’s Privacy Policy and Website Terms and Conditions and relate to BASEM’s Articles of Association.  You can request a copy of the Articles of Association from:

Mrs N Birkinshaw, Business Development Manager
BASEM Office
Unit 3, Jetstream Drive
Doncaster   DN9 3QS

T: 01302 623222


These terms and conditions are reviewed on a regular basis and the latest version is available on this page of the BASEM website.

Membership Categories

The current membership categories are available to view here.  The information includes eligibility, the supporting information required to accompany applications, along with the membership benefits available with each subscription.

In order to keep the membership categories, fees and membership benefits relevant, these are reviewed on an annual basis by the BASEM Executive Board.

Concessionary membership subscriptions are available at the discretion of the BASEM Executive Board.  Retired membership is also available to current members of BASEM who have fully retired from Practice and are keen to keep involvement with the speciality.

Eligibility for a concession in one membership year does not necessarily imply continuing eligibility for future membership years.

Supporting information is required for all categories of membership.  Assessment for eligibility of membership categories is based on the supporting information you provide and the Association’s decision in this matter is final.


Membership Subscription Period

In order to allow the Association to plan its resources and thereby offer a reliable service to members we require that all members maintain their membership for a minimum period of 12 months from joining (minimum membership period).

Your membership subscription starts on the date you applied to join the Association on your current plan.  The subscription lasts for a period of 12 months (minimum membership period) and becomes due for renewal on the annual anniversary of the subscription start date.

Your membership subscription will automatically renew for a further 12 months, every year, unless you cancel in writing at least 7 working days prior to the renewal date.  Please refer to the to the cancellation policy within these terms and conditions and details of your current plan can be found in your profile in the members’ area of the BASEM website.

Those members currently paying for their subscription by Direct Debit will continue to automatically renew until the Association is informed of cancellation.

At intervals just prior to your renewal date, you will receive communication from the Association requesting and providing renewal information for the forthcoming year.


Membership Subscription Fees

The current subscription fees are available to view here.  Subscription fees are reviewed by the BASEM Executive Board on an annual basis.

BASEM prefers that you pay for your membership subscription by credit/debit card online and you are required to keep your credit/debit card details up-to-date on your profile in the members’ area of the BASEM website.  Failure to do so may incur a disruption to your subscription benefits.

Credit/debit card payers will be given the option of paying for their annual membership subscription in one-off payment on an annual payment plan or monthly payment plan.  The cost of an annual membership fee by monthly instalments is slightly increased to cover the credit/debit card fees.  For those who choose to pay by monthly instalments, each monthly instalment will be requested from your credit/debit card on the same date of each month.

Current members who pay their fees by Direct Debit on an annual payment plan will continue to do so, unless they decide to move to credit card payment (annual or monthly).  Direct Debit payments will be requested from your bank account for the full fee on or as near to the 1st of the month as possible.  If the payment fails, BASEM will suspend the account, advise the member accordingly and try to collect payments the following month.

Payment by Direct Debit is no longer available to members on joining.

Changes to your payment method (e.g. direct debit to credit card, annual to monthly payment plan) can be made by contacting the Membership Officer at least 7 working days prior to the subscription renewal date.

Those members who have a subscription with BASEM prior to December 2018 can change to an annual or monthly plan in their members’ area profile when their existing membership subscription is up for renewal.

Annual payment plan BACs and Cheque payments are also accepted.  To pay via these methods you will need to ensure the Membership Officer receives your payment at least 7 working days prior to the subscription renewal date.

Receipts of payments will automatically be sent to you (annual payment plans on an annual basis and monthly payment plans on a monthly basis).  Please keep these safe as evidence for reclaiming tax purposes if applicable.


Non-Payment of Subscription Fees: 

BASEM is a not for profit organisation and membership subscriptions form a big part of the income for the Association.  Unpaid subscription fees have a big impact on improving and providing services for members, therefore, BASEM reserves the right to take necessary steps to recover unpaid subscription fees.

If you anticipate any problems with the payment of your subscription, please contact the Membership Officer at the earliest opportunity to discuss.

Where the subscription fees remain unpaid following the renewal date for payment, your subscription will automatically cease and your subscription will be lapsed and archived.

Should a monthly installment be rejected, you will be contacted and asked to update your credit/debit card payment.  You agree that should this not occur, and no contact be received from you, the Association reserves the right to request immediate payment of any outstanding sums due e.g. in the case of monthly instalments, you will be invoiced for the rest of the annual subscription fee.

Failure to pay may result in legal action and should you attempt to re-join the Association in the future, the outstanding amount will be requested before you are accepted back into the BASEM Community.


Membership Subscription Renewal

Approximately 6 and 2 weeks prior to renewal date, those paying an annual plan will receive communication from the Association with a reminder for the forthcoming year.  Those paying on a monthly plan will receive a reminder with their monthly receipts.

Your subscription will automatically renew unless a written cancellation (letter or email) is received giving notice of at least 7 working days to the Association.  This should be sent to the Membership Officer.

When a Concessionary membership category subscription holder and undergraduate student subscription holder completes their training/study, the subscription will automatically expire and the holder will be required to upgrade to another membership category by re-applying to BASEM and providing new supporting evidence.

Current members of BASEM wishing to renew as a retired member should contact the Membership Officer.  A retired member should be fully retired from practicing as a healthcare professional.

If you pay for your subscription by credit/debit card, it is essential you check your card details are correct and make any relevant amendments to your profile via the members’ area of the BASEM website at least 7 working days before your membership is due to expire, to ensure your membership does not suspend and disruptions to your subscription benefits do not occur.

If you pay for your subscription by cheque or BACS, it is essential your renewal payment reaches the Association at least 7 working days before your membership is due to expire, to ensure your membership does not suspend and disruptions to your subscription benefits do not occur.

If you pay for your subscription by Direct Debit, the Association will continue to advise you when your subscription fee will be requested from your bank account prior to request.

Please note, continuity of membership of 2 years is important if you are thinking of applying for BASEM Awards, or have received a BASEM Award within the past 2 years.


Membership Subscription Cancellation Policy

As membership subscriptions are calculated to provide services for a whole year, members can only cancel their subscription at the end of their membership year.  Cancellations are not permitted if it falls within the 12-month membership subscription.

If you remove your card details from the members’ area or cancel your Direct Debit instruction to your bank, this will not automatically cancel your membership.  It is therefore, important that you contact the Membership Officer to resign.

You may cancel your membership by notifying the Membership Officer in writing, at least working 7 days prior to your membership subscription expiry date.  If you have not received a response within 3 working days, please contact the Membership Officer.  If your decision is not to renew your membership, the BASEM Executive Board would be very interested if you could, briefly, give your reasons for taking this course of action.  Therefore, if you could send a brief statement giving your reasons it will help them to identify if there are any membership issues BASEM should be addressing which would prevent members, such as yourself, from leaving the organisation.  Thank you for your time and consideration of this request.

The Membership Officer will set your database record to expire at the expiry date and cancel all payment options.

In case of non-payment of subscription fees during a 12-month membership subscription, please refer to the non-payment of subscription fees section above.


Membership Subscription Acceptance and Termination

Your application will be assessed against the BASEM membership criteria by the Membership Officer.  In cases where the Membership Officer is unable to make a decision, the application will be referred to an Executive Board representative who may take advice from the BASEM Executive Board.  All applications are presented to the Executive Board at a scheduled meeting for approval.

The BASEM Executive Board may refuse an application according to the provisions of Article 6.3 and 6.4 of the Articles of Association.  If membership is refused, a full refund will be given.

BASEM reserves the right to terminate a membership subscription according to the provisions of Article 6.8 c. of the Articles of Association.


Membership Offers

For certain Awards, the Association does offer the chance to win a free annual subscription to BASEM.  These terms and conditions are valid for these offers.

Should the Association advertise any other types of membership offers in the future, these terms and conditions remain valid for all these members unless otherwise notified.



BASEM correspondence including any membership benefits e.g. OrthoEvidence, British Journal of Sport and Exercise Medicine (BJSM) will be communicated to you via email or post.

You can update your profile at any time via the members’ area of the BASEM website.  Here, you can set your email preferences.


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