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BASEM Yorkshire Sport & Exercise Medicine Network Meeting

BASEM Yorkshire

BASEM Yorkshire

Date:  Thursday 23rd November 2017

Time:  7.00 pm

Venue:  David Lloyd, York, St John's Playing Field, Hull Road, York, YO10 3LG (Sat nav YO10 3LF)

Speakers:  Mr Neil Hunt, Consultant Orthopaedic Knee Surgeon and Ms Claire Robertson, Physiotherapist and PHD in patellofemoral syndrome, Wimbledon Clinic

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Feedback from BASEM Yorkshire June 2017


"Great networking.  Interesting oprthopaedic developments"; "Very succinct summary of common problems within sport/exercise, clearly and excellently presented."; "Better understanding of orthopaedic procedures and post-op rehab."; "Useful information on what to refer and when.  As a Physio is good to know when and who to refer to and what we can expect to 'happen' with our patients."