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BASEM Website Education Pages
A wealth of educational resources including the educational portal, consisting of a range of lecture recordings and opportunities to gain CPD. The page also provides the latest updates on upcoming conferences, opportunities to enhance SEM skills and information of Diploma revision courses.
British Journal of Sports Medicine
The foremost resource for everything SEM. A multimedia portal for original research, systematic reviews, consensus statements and SEM debate.

The education pages provide interactive case studies to learn from, example joint examination videos and PowerPoint presentations from experts in the field.

Keep up to date with the latest discussion with the BJSM podcasts and hot topics covered in the blogs.

The Sports Physio Website
Adam Meakins, a sports specialist physiotherapist, provides insightful blogs and podcasts to keep you updated with everything SEM. Very entertaining and easy-to-read content with thought-provoking take home messages.
Move Eat Treat
Founded by Dr Joseph Lightfoot, Move Eat Treat is a movement aiming to make lifestyle a core theme in healthcare education. The key theme being prevention over treatment. Equipping healthcare professionals to deliver effective lifestyle advice will allow patients to live healthier, happier lives by avoiding illness in the first place. Check out the website to learn more and find out how you can help by taking up an ambassador role!
Founded by David Pope, this excellent resource provides access to fantastic interviews and discussions with world-leading Physiotherapists. With regular blogs and podcasts, this is a place for the Physio community to share thoughts and come together for some discussion.
Yann Le Meur Infographics
Fantastic infographics that allow the quick and easy dissemination of the latest SEM research. For HD infographics, more information and latest updates on the new book entitled “Endurance Training” check out his twitter @YLMSportScience or the blog page.
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