BMJ Open Sport and Exercise Medicine

An official journal of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine (BASEM) and a sister journal to the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM)

The BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine is a new Open Access journal covering all aspects of  sport and exercise medicine from physiology to return to play.

It is an online-only journal, free to access for anyone with an internet connection, therefore, there is no subscription or print edition.

The journal aims to publish original articles considered by peer reviewers to be coherent and technically sound, ensuring that the latest research is disseminated rapidly to a global audience.

Open Access means unrestricted access and unrestricted reuse.  Open Access publishing strives to facilitate the development of new medicines and healthcare by disseminating ideas and discoveries, efficiently, effectively and equitably.  All articles published in BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine are Open Access, so are freely available via the internet in a permanent, universally-accessible repository.

The benefits of publishing in BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine are:-

  • Open access - all articles published are freely available to a global audience on a number of databases, with the copyright retained by the author.
  • Rapid peer review - all articles are subject to stringent peer review and fast turnaround times, ensuring prompt publication through a continuous publication policy.
  • Trusted international brands - maintains scientific and international reputation of BMJ and BASEM.
  • High readership visibility - hosting makes sure papers are noticed; exceptional articles are press related.

View the Introductory Editorial by Editor-In-Chief, Professor Karim Khan:- "Why a new sports and exercise medicine journal for clinicians?"

Publishing Costs

Publishing an article is subject to an article publishing charge (APC), which is a one-off flat fee that incurs no additional costs and is charged on article acceptance.  The APC allows for the costs of the Open Access publication process, which would usually be covered through subscription fees, including:-

  • Rigorous peer review through a maintained online submission system;
  • Production costs - copy editing and preparation for online format;
  • Continuous hosting of the article online, available worldwide;
  • Marketing efforts to increase the article's exposure

25% Discount for BASEM Members

A corresponding author, who is a member of BASEM will receive a discount off the APC of 25%.

Learn more about the journal, receive instructions for authors, submit an article and view future articles here and here.

Finally, BASEM wishes to extend its thanks to the following, who's hard work and professionalism made the new journal happen:-

BJSM Management Committee and Colleagues, in particular:

Professor Karmin Khan, Editor, BJSM

Mr Peter Ashman, Publishing Director, BMJ

Ms Janet O'Flaherty, Publisher, BJSM

Mrs Claire Langford, Associate Publisher, BJSM

Mr James Smallbone, Publishing Assistant BJSM

and the BMJ Open Sport and Exercise Medicine Editorial Board