UKADIS Malcolm Read Scholarship Award

The UKADIS Malcolm Read Scholarship in Sport and Exercise Medicine

Presenting a paper or poster and need funding to retrieve statistics, mentoring or research support?

Need funding to travel for further study?

Apply now for the chance to receive a monetary award of £1,500

This Award in intended to be accessible to relatively small projects and studies that would not otherwise attract funding or a large audience, with emphasis being placed on prospective clinical work within the field of Sport and Exercise Medicine.

Examples for which the monetary award could be used for:-

  • Funding international travel for further study at a Centre of Excellence;
  • Providing medical cover for touring with international sports teams;
  • Clinically based research projects within the UK;
  • Educational projects within the UK;
  • Other projects that fall into the general category of Clinical Sport and Exercise Medicine;
  • Assisting BASEM members who have a paper to present.

This award is open to all categories of BASEM Membership.

Applications for the 2019 Award will be requested during the Summer

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