BASEM Fellowship & Doctoral Level Research in Sport & Exercise Medicine Bursary

The Fellowship and Doctoral Level Research in Sport and Exercise Medicine Bursary is available by application for all  members of BASEM undertaking fellowship or doctoral level research.

The monetary award is up to a maximum of £20,000 towards the research and study costs associated with the research.  The award will be paid in instalments over/up to a 2 year period and will be dependent on meeting prior agreed research milestones.

The award will be themed and made every 2 years in the New Year

Request for Applications 2020

To be announced in the Autumn of 2019

Application Criteria

1.  To apply for the award the applicant must have been a member of BASEM for 3 years preceding application

2.  The applicant should have a firm offer of a fellowship or doctoral (PhD or MD) research programme and should provide evidence of this in the application.

3.  The applicant should have previously published at least one paper that includes original data they have collected or a systematic review.  Evidence of the paper must be included with the application.

4.  The applicant should have a clear research proposal and timetable in place for their research.

5.  The applicant should demonstrate a clear strategy for the dissemination of their results and for ensuring they are translatable into the public health domain and/or clinic practice.

6.  The applicant should provide a clear breakdown of research costs and specifically what this money would fund so BASEM can understand how the BASEM funding fits into the totality of research costs.

7.  The applicant should provide proof of ethical approval for the study/research and a letter of support from the University.

8.  A brief up-to-date CV should accompany your application.

Conditions of Award

1.  By applying for the award the recipient of the award agrees to maintain membership of BASEM for the duration of their course and for a minimum of 3 consecutive years following the last funding instalment.

2.  The recipient of the award agrees to submit regular updates regarding the progression of their research, in return for a regular instalment of the monetary award.  Research milestones will be agreed between BASEM and the recipient at the start of the award, eg. a sum for initial research with subsequent sums available at a specific time when each agreed stage of the research has been completed.

3.  Should the recipient of the award not complete their agreed research milestone, BASEM reserves the right for reimbursement of monies already received.

4.  Any presentations, abstracts or publications made as a result of achieving this award should include an acknowledgement of BASEM.

5.  The recipient of the award will present their research at the BASEM Annual Conference subsequent to the last instalment of the award.  Details of the recipient will also be announced on the BASEM website and in the BASEM Today.  The recipient will also be required to write a short article for BASEM Today on their research.

Results Notification Criteria

1.  The successful applicant will be chosen by the BASEM awards panel which will be made up of executive members and experts in sport and exercise medicine research.

2.  The successful and unsuccessful applicants will be informed by email 4 – 6 weeks after the closing date.