BASEM introduced OrthEvidence as a new membership benefit in July 2017.

OrthoEvidence provides a content-based service to associations that provides members with complete summaries and critical appraisals of the best musculoskeletal evidence from around the world. They now have more than 4,200 reports from 13 different specialty areas, all designed with the busy practitioner in mind.

Members of BASEM will receive:-

  • Access to more than 4,000 ACE Reports from 13 specialty areas summarizing and grading the highest-quality musculoskeletal literature.  Reports are reviewed by 70+ person editorial staff including physicians from around the world.
  • Personalized Fast Track Program - An email program that provides members with a monthly glance of the most popular content consumed on OrthoEvidence by their peers within their association.
  • Unlimited access to Peer View - a feature allowing users to stay completely up-to-date with the research being read by sports medicine specialists from around the world.
  • Unlimited access to CoreView - a brand new feature that provides a curated, objective, unbiased, continuously updated, and comprehensive look at the current state of evidence in controversial topic areas such as PRP, Viscosupplementation and more.
  • Regular updates on the newest content on OrthoEvidence.  Users will receive regular emails from OrthoEvidence informing them of all the new high quality content available to them, making it easy to stay current with OE.
  • The ability to customize their OE experience.  Users can choose their profession and areas of interest, and their OE homepage will push them content directly related to these interests.

Please note, you can only access this resource as a member of BASEM.  Join now.