Obesity Stakeholder Group - Royal College of Physicians

Obesity Stakeholder Group - Royal College of Physicians

Request for a BASEM Members to take part in an obesity stakeholder group being held at the Royal College of Physicians, London on Thursday 9th July 2015

BASEM has been invited by the Royal College of Physicians to attend a scoping meeting to explore the potential of establishing an obesity stakeholder group. The meeting is scheduled to take place on Thursday 9 July, 2-4pm at the Park Crescent Conference Centre (229 Great Portland Street, London W1W 5PN).

Existing groups such as Action on Smoking Health (ASH) and the Alcohol Health Alliance (AHA) have been effective in securing policy changes and increasing awareness of the dangers of tobacco and alcohol to the general public and government. A new group bringing together a wide range of stakeholders would aim to improve obesity prevention services and the quality of care for weight and related issues by coordinating key messages and influencing decision makers.

The meeting on the 9 July will bring together 15 – 20 stakeholders involved in both prevention and treatment services to initially explore several factors in establishing a new group. Some of the issues they wish to discuss are: the reasons to establish a group, what its purpose would be, its potential membership and possible organisational and structural models.

If this is something you would be interested in getting involved in and you are willing to represent BASEM at the initial meeting, please contact Nicky Birkinshaw at nicky.birkinshaw@basem.co.uk or 01302 822300.